How to change the default documentation of the completion in Intellij?


We have released a great plugin (Developer Assistant) for Visual Studio.

And now the team wants to develop a similar plugin for Eclipse and IntelliJ to benefit more developers all over the world. We have almost finished the Eclipse plugin and are trying to develop the plugin for IntelliJ. However, due to the lack of documentation of IntelliJ plugin development, we are getting into a little bit trouble.

Basically, we'd like to know, is it possible to modify the default documentation when a completion is selected?

For example, when toString is selected, we will start a search operation to search the related code samples/snippets in real time and display the results in default documentation panel.

And if the answer is YES, please give us some clues of how to achieve this funtion.

Thanks in advance!  


Official comment

The default documentation is provided by JavaDocumentationProvider. In order to provide your own, you'll need to implement DocumentationProvider extension and ensure that it's invoked before the standard one (by adding order="first" in plugin.xml). Then you can put your own code into getDocumentationElementForLookupItem method and return null from everything else.

Hi Peter,

This is exactly what we need!  Thank you very much .


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