Integrating Polymer Analyzer and Polymer Editor Service in WebStorm

The Polymer team just released a set of tools and APIs for IDEs to support Web Components and Polymer development natively. Here's the YouTube announcement.

VS Studio, Sublime and Atom currently support it natively. But I'd rather use WebStorm.

Are there any plans to have the Polymer plugin for WebStorm support this? I was thinking of writing a separate plugin, but I don't want to duplicate effort. Should I file a bug report instead?



Hi there,


>Should I file a bug report instead?

Usually people would create Feature Request ticket when they need some new functionality and not Bug Reports...


Bug reports and Feature requests serve the same purpose. I'm not arguing semantics. I want to know if the team is interested in implementing it. Otherwise I'll write a different plugin and put it up.


Glad to see someone already added this to the issue list. Webstorm is a great product and having better Polymer support (and extending to full WebComponent standards support) would be great.

This seems like an easy win for the Webstorm team.


Well ... having ticket created does not necessarily mean that it will be implemented in nearest future (there is limited number of devs and they have their list of tasks already + other priorities that already scheduled for future 2016.3 release).

So far that ticket was not even acknowledged/touched by dev team (I mean -- it has no "Open" status or alike).

Therefore it's quite possible that implementing such plugin by 3rd party could be the best solution for the moment. But for that we need to see the response from dev team first, of course.


I can tell for sure that this integration can't be expected in 2016.3. And we haven't yet discussed the roadmap for future releases


+1.  This plugin will be a great productivity boost for Polymer developer.  Since atom, vscode, and sublime already have this plugins, Webstorm should put feature on top priority.  


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