Does Docker Compose to work in IntelliJ?


Does docker-compose work in Intellij? 

If yes how?

I have been using it fine in RubyMine, but I cannot get it to work in IntelliJ.

What's different?

Error Message:


Deploying 'Compose: docker/docker-compose.yml'...
Failed to deploy 'Compose: docker/docker-compose.yml': Cannot run program "docker-compose": error=2, No such file or directory



Oh brother for some reason IntelliJ can't find the executable docker-compose! Argh!

Needed to go into the Docker cloud dialogue and tell it where the executable was located.


In Rubymine, do the following to ensure that docker-compose is correctly found after adding a "docker deployment" that uses "docker-compose.yml" from Run/Edit Configuration.

  1. Go to : RubyMine / Preferences / Build,Execution,Deployment / Docker / Tools
  2. Make sure that the "Docker Compose executable:" field contains the complete path where docker compose is installed into.
  • How to determine the complete path:
  1. run "which docker-compose"
  2. note the full path for docker-compose; i.e.,       "/usr/local/bin/docker-compose"

Click "Apply", Then click "OK"

docker-compose will now properly be executed when you "Run" the "docker deployment" configuration.


I tried Anthony's answer on IntelliJ 2020.3 and it solve my problem, thanks


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