Run an SQL programatically


Is there a way to run an SQL ( have it as string) using the Database View plugin?

I'd like to have the same UI as if you say "Run query in Console" ( if that was an SQL?).

I cannot find that part in the community edition.

Can someone point me in a direction?


Hello Kirusanth,

Do you mean Database Navigator plugin? May be it would be better to ask this question plugin vendor directly.


Hello Andrey, 

Thank you for the quick response.

No I mean the default "Database Tools and SQL" plugin.

If I've injected the language in a string as SQL, then I can call it directly from there:


How can I do that programatically? Not the injection part, just trigger "Run query in console" ?




>No I mean the default "Database Tools and SQL" plugin.

Note that this plugin and so its sources are not available in Community Edition. So it would be not possible to extend this functionality.


Hello Andrey, 

Yeah sure, I'm aware of that. But is there no way to call it anyway?

I don't want to extend the plugin - I just want to call that plugin.



Kirusanth Poopalasingam


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