"Run" or "Debug" of my plugin launches sandbox with a default plugin.xml instead of mine


I'm trying to make a plugin for a simple language as described in http://www.jetbrains.org/intellij/sdk/docs/tutorials/custom_language_support_tutorial.html.

I've created the initial boilerplate but it fails to load in the sandboxed instance of IDEA that is invoked when I Run or Debug the project. Instead of my plugin, in the plugin list it has "Plugin display name here" with version "1.0", made by "YourCompany", just as in a brand new plugin.xml file. There are no error messages in the console, it just fails silently. Thus, I can't test/debug it at all, but if I just choose to package it into a .jar and load in, say, CLion, it works just fine and registers a new file type with extension, icon and all the needed stuff. What could be done to make testing a tad easier?

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Please check "Path to META-INF/plugin.xml" in your module's "Plugin Deployment" tab.

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Thanks, fiddling with that setting resolved the problem. I had that path set to my project root (and I'm pretty sure I checked several times it was actually there). I reset it to the default value (resources/) and eventually everything started working. Must've dragged something around unwittingly in project explorer. What was strange is that the .jar version was packing correctly (I was able to load and use the plugin in Clion), but I can no longer reproduce the situation.


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