Fix for IDEA-124495


I have spent a few hours now trying to load a file in ISO-8859-1 encoding (my project is all UTF-8, but a few files need to be in ISO-8859-1 because of a tool I use that can't handle UTF-8 well), but IntelliJ is constantly opening it in UTF-8, then it complains ("File was loaded in the wrong encoding") and offers to "Reload in another encoding"; however, the reload seems to have no effect.

I found that this is a very old (2.5 years) bug, reported as, and I can't believe that it has not been fixed. I am ending up starting eclipse just to edit these few files, which is a real pain. Considering how good IntelliJ is in almost every respect, I think this bug is profoundly unworthy of Jetbrains.

Can we expect a fix for this bug any time soon? Otherwise, I would suggest you take out the "Reload in another encoding" option, because it is making a promise it cannot hold!



I've asked the responsible developer to look into it.

Permanently deleted user

Jens, could you please attach to the or send me your project to reproduce the issue?


@Serge Baranov

Any response from the responsible developer?

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Did you provide the sample project to reproduce the issue as requested above by Alexey?


Same question as OP.  I am curious whether he provide a sample project to reproduce the issue.  Or whether you have managed to reproduce it regardless.

I could send you a sample.



Please attach the sample to YouTrack issue.


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