How to stop the Directory listing in the Project Panel from sometimes collapsing?


Every Nth time I open the Project Panel the directory listing is collapsed, requiring that expand my way though to find my place in the hierarchy again.

I'm aware of the Autoscroll to Source and Autoscroll from Source options, but I don't want that behaviour.  What I would like is for the directory listing to display exactly as it displayed on the previous view.

Most of the time is behaves as expected, but it collapses often enough that event in short programming sessions it becomes tedious. I don't know what triggers PHPStorm to decide to collapse the directory structure. I'm hoping there some option to force-ably control this.

Vladimir Luchansky


This issue is known and already fixed: <>.

Fix will be addressed in the next version of PhpStorm - 2016.3. You can already check how it will work with our Early Access Program: .


Thanks for confirming this is a bug, Vladimir. Will look forward to the next release.


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