Support XCode 8.1

Is there an estimate as to when XCode 8.1 will be supported in AppCode?  

I recently attempted to upgrade my codebase to Swift 3.0 from Swift 2.3, and it was an amazing amount of work.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to get it to work with XCode 8.0 as the compiler crashes on multiple  files. The app works with XCode 8.1, but that's not supported by AppCode yet.

Will it be coming soon?

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Xcode 8.1 is supported since AppCode 2016.2.4. We still have a number of open tasks related to the Swift 3 support itself but, in general, it should be fine to use Xcode 8.1 with AppCode.

Tatiana, I'm not sure when I wrote this - it's showing as today, but it was quite a while ago.  Xcode 8.1 is indeed working great for me and has been for a while.


Hey Tatiana - I pose the same question now, but with Xcode 8.2 instead. Is there a timeline for support for Xcode 8.2? Thanks for a great product.



Since Xcode 8.2 came out just a few days ago, we are testing compatibility with it at the moment. So far, no major issues have been found. So, it should be fine to use Xcode 8.2 with AppCode 2016.3. The warning about incompatibility will be removed in upcoming AppCode 2016.3.x update.


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