How do I specify a run configuration's environment variables all at once?


Hi Guys. Longtime IDEA user here with a simple question. My programs often use multiple environment variables, which are set in run configurations using the Environment variables dialog box as documented here: . However, when I have multiple vars to set, using the dialog is tedious. Instead I want to paste a line like this: "PASSWORD=xx;HOST=localhost". Ths docs say:

> Note that you can copy-paste the contents of the Environment variables field without having to open the Environment Variables dialog box.

But the text field that displays the settings as a semicolon-delimited string does not allow pasting:

How do I use the documented feature?

Thank you -- matt


Anyone have a comment, please?


It appears that documentation is not correct. Please feel free to report a bug at to either fix the docs or fix the dialog so that multiple variables can be copy/pasted at once.



Allow editing multiple run configuration environment variables at once : IDEA-199231


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