Remote Development With PyCharm Pro


Hello! I am new to PyCharm and I am looking to leverage the remote development capabilities of PyCharm Pro. My situation is that I have a headless server where I have various directories that contain python code for different applications that I have written. I need the code to run on this remote box because only it has access to the resources the code manipulates. So for, I have SSH'd into the server and used EMACS to edit my code and ran it from the CLI. I would like to be able to use power of the PyCharm IDE but still run the code on the server. I know there some some posts related to this but there are still some questions that are not clear. So here they are:

1) I have existing directories that represent projects on the server. I want to start using PyCharm for development but still run them on the server. I understand that I need to configure a remote interpreter. What is the best practice to import/manage the files? Is it any different for code and data files? I see that there is an option to edit a file on a remote server, what is the use case for that option versus importing the file locally?

2) Regarding virtualenv and remote server/interpreter. I want to virtualenv to be relative to the remote server. Is this possible? If so, how do I set that up?

3) I am looking at setting up a centralized GIT server, how would that changes the answers to the above?


Thanks in Advance!


It's a duplicate of support request in Zendesk.


Can you provide a link to the support-request please?


Peter Goodall

Please see

PyCharm doesn't allow to work with remote code directly. You must have a local copy of the project which is then automatically synced with remote host using "Deployment" functionality and executed there using SSH interpreter. Please try to configure it using the instructions linked above and let me know if you have further questions.


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