Syntax error on use of Greek character for variable in Jupyter Notebook using Python 3.5


 For Python 3 this should not be causing a syntax error:

import math as m

π = m.pi

...but, it does. The Jupyter Notebook runs without errors in browser-based kernel. I have python 3.5 chosen for the project.
Other examples also fail where a Greek symbol is used -- where it is simply equated to a constant.

Thanks for your help,

I have PyCharm 2016.2.3.
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I was able to fix this by entering Settings and navigating to the Project Interpreter where I then went through each of the installed Python modules that looked like it could be updated.  Once I did this, and returned to PyCharm, it worked without any problem.  I am now trying to get the IPython.core.display.markdown to work.



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