AppCode 2016.2 hangs indefinitely when typing into editor


I'm an old user of AppCode (when it first came out) but wasn't able to use it maybe more than once (even after paying for it) since it would hog the memory and CPU. After 3 years I'm evaluating it again (I've got a decently large project spanning over multiple projects in xcode) and sadly the moment I start typing into the editor, it hangs indefinitely. I have changed the vmoptions and given it 6GB RAM. It's using around 2.1GB. 

I waited for around 5 minutes before it finally began to respond again. So things haven't changed much since 3 years ago and I'm wondering if others have the same experience on larger projects? I'm not sure if I can rely on this app if I jump into the new subscription model (did I say I don't like being tied into subscriptions?).



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Could you please get some thread dumps as described here and attach them into issue in our tracker? We will try to help. 

It seems to hang often, and the real memory usage reported by Activity Monitor is close to around 5GB, so it may simply be that App Code is again using far too much memory and perhaps 6GB allocated is still not enough (woah).


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