Multiple projects inside one window -> "idea uses a non-standard layout and cannot be attached to this project"


Every time I try fetch from github and open in the same window it says "The project at .../.idea uses a non-standard layout and cannot be attached to this project"
I'm testing PyCharm 2016.3 EAP , how it can be fixed?


Same problem here in PHPStorm. This was the only thread i found regarding this topic.



@Madzohan Please, file this issue with your idea.log (Help| Show log) to Pycharm issue-tracker:

@David, it's a known issue about PhpStorm, please vote for the issue: to be notified about updates.


Hi there,

I experienced the same issue. I upgraded to Pycharm CE 2016.3 yesterday. Projects created in older version were opened correctly in one window, but new project needs to be opened only in new window:

As you suggested, I searched for idea.log. The problem is that there is no new log message/error, anything in it. Not even in the threadDumps, nowwhere - I tried it multiple times. So I see no point in sending you log files.

Though! I might have workaround: just simply close all PyCharm windows and reopen PyCharm. Even the new project is then placed in one window together with others. This worked for me...


I can confirm what @Petr mentions is correct.  When I got the dialog mentioned the project uses a non-standard layout, I clicked on No.  I then closed PyCharm and reopened it and the second project was added to the main project and everything seems normal.


I have this problem in PyCharm Professional 2016.3. I can't add a fresh Git checkout to an existing project. I can open it in a new window, and the .idea/ directory gets created. Adding to the existing project doesn't work after that either.

I've tried closing and re-opening PyCharm, and it doesn't make a difference.

I did accidentally open my existing project in PyCharm 2016.2.3 one time. I then closed it and opened it in PyCharm 2016.3 instead, after which this problem appeared.

I also observed that some Git checkouts get added to the project even though I get the "non-standard layout" error message and click "No", while others don't get added. I don't see anything related in idea.log in either case – just PerformanceWatcher ok messages and GitConfig "No branch.*" complaints from other projects.

I guess I'll try recreating the existing project from scratch.


Confirm; I have the same problem. It persists even when adding one completely fresh project to another fresh project. 




The above solution by Petr worked for me! 


Still would be good to fix it. 


i had the same problem for two times, at different folders. sometimes, re-cloning directory from git can solve this; but you can solve it manualy. That problem is caused by the lack of projectName.iml folder (your project name at place of projectName) in ".idea". you can just create a new project, and copy its new_projectName.iml file (your new project name at place of new_projectName) and change its name to projectName.iml (your project name at place of projectName). Then, it will work.


Njt145's comment fixed this for me. Turns out the project that wouldn't load was missing the project iml file in the .idea folder.


I have found that pressing 'yes' causes pycharm to "rebuild" the problematic's project config.

So right after, you can close the opened window and retry opening it in the multi-project window and it works.


@Francis Charette Migneault  this is the only solution that worked for me, thanks !


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