PhpStorm 2016.2

Is possible to make PhpStorm highlight the closing "tag" when using PHP's alternate syntax for control structures?
If we write:

<?php if($x==5) { ?>
<?php } ?>

If i put the cursor next to or before the opening/closing brace, PhpStorm will automatically highlight the matching opening/closing brace.
Now, if we write the same code but this time using PHP's alternate syntax for control structures, we end up with something like this:

<? if ($x==5): ?>
<? endif; ?>

In this case, PhpStorm will not highlight either the opening "if" or the closing "endif;".
Is there a way to make it highlight it?
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Currently, there's no such a feature. Please vote:

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For me this is my biggest complaint with PHP storm.  I have a license I basically never use because of this.  

When you write Wordpress themes almost EVERYTHING is in PHP's alternative syntax.

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@John, is fixed now. What's exactly not working for you?

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Dmitry Tronin, We can't call it "fixed".

1. Highlighting is not complete
2. If you have several levels, this does not work correctly




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