reload css file after compile


I have 2 question about sass in phpstorm


1) reload file after external change

I use external processor to compile sass/*.scss to css/*.css . When I open the two files ( index.scss and index.Css)  in a windows tab to see the change in real time . When code change in scss file then the second tab that contain the css file don't update even i know that the content change. I have to select ( get the focus) on other windows OS application and then reclick  in phpstorm application ( don't have to give the focus on the css file) to see the real content of the css file .

Is it the default behaviour of phphstorm ? !!!!  Is there a way t oconfigure phpstorm for that all files manage inside a project folder and open  in the tab and content viewable that phpstrom update the rendering of the file content when change occur inside this file  ( by alert us of change occur or without ask if the content of the file should be update )  ?

 I want to use phpstrom for edit scss file without use phpstrom  functionnalities for preprocess the scss file !


2) completion for ruby library or external sass librairy ( susy)

I test to call thefunction darken(a,b) and completion work inside phpstorm for  scss content file . So i install susy in global ruby directory  but i can't call for exemple the function/method container() .

Is there a way to use susy without install susy sass files/directories   inside my project folder directory ?

I can see when write @import "susy ; in the begining of the file a popup info " canno't resolve import into ...." 

If phpstorm do completion for sass by default is there a way to configure phpstorm to support external sass library like susy to have completion .....after install libraries ( susy ) in ruby directory like sass ?






2) completion external library

After come back to the scss file .....It  seem completion work but it take time for be able to use the completion !!



Vladimir Luchansky

1) What are your file watcher settings? Please check the path to refresh or attach a screenshot here.
2) It might depend on indexing. Are there any processes running before the completion becomes available?


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