How many lines of code in IDEA ultimate?


Just for the sake of discussion with my colleagues, I calculated the number of lines of code in Community Edition. If my calculations are correct, it's in the ballpark of 6.5 million lines of Java, not counting Kotlin, etc.

That's impressive! If you don't mind sharing this info, how many lines of code are there in IDEA Ultimate?  Preferably not including Android and PHP (these from the top of my head appear to be large chunks of code, though I may be mistaken). Hope it's not too difficult a question.

Thank you,




Hello Irina,

I'm not sure how you get 6.5 millions lines of code for community, I get a lesser number even with Android sources, all non-compilable test data files etc.

Accordingly to my calculations on today's 'master' sources, including only compilable Java source files (both production and test) we have 3.6 million lines of code for IDEA Community (without Android) and 6.7 million lines for IDEA Ultimate without Android, PHP, Python, Ruby, CLion and AppCode sources and 8.5 million lines for the whole IDEA Ultimate sources with all plugins included.


Hi Nikolay,

Thank you for your answer! It's very helpful.

I arrived to the figure by doing this:

     /Applications/idea/intellij-community$ find . -name "*.java" -exec cat {} \;  | wc -l

     cat: ./java/java-tests/testData/projectView/foldersOnTop/ Is a directory



Ok, I see now. In my calculations empty lines weren't counted, whereas your script counts them and also processes all test-data files.


I see. I should go with your calculations then. Thank you.


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