PyCharm function documentation style and preview



currently PyCharm offers generating docstring for a function in the style:

Function's description
:param param_no_1: parameter #1 description
:param param_no_2: parameter #2 descrption
:return: returning variable description

Where can I see the generated documentation for these docstrings?

Quick-doc (ctrl+q), as far as I have seen, mashes everything into one paragraph


Hi Paulius,


We use docutils to extract information about the parameters and the return value of a function. It seems that you need to put a blank line after "Function's description" so that the corresponding tags would be parsed out properly. After that the docstring for this example would be displayed like the following:



Thank you, this resolves the problem!


> It seems that you need to put a blank line after "Function's description"


This is kinda an annoying requirement. Some will argue it looks better with a blank line, but I think:

1. it wastes unnecessary vertical space

2. it's very easy to forget and its something typically noticed a long time after. Maybe in a completely unrelated branch. Fixing it on-demand might cause unnecessary merge conflicts or force the person noticing it to swithc branches.





please vote for the usability problem reported in order to increase its priority. 


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