Can't create groovy library on MacOS - can't get to directory


I am trying to create the Groovy library from my existing installation (on Mac with Sierra and homebrew) but the dialog box that opens up to select the installation directory does not show any hidden directories. I need this /usr/local/Cellar/groovy/2.4.7/libexec/ but I can't get to /usr.

The interactive Groovy console using the bundled Groovy 2.4.6 works fine.

What am I doing wrong?

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Can you attach a screenshot of the file chooser dialog that you get? There should be an option to show hidden files.

If it's Mac native dialog, keyboard shortcut should help.

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1) the keyboard shortcut worked! Groovy now works as intended. Thanks!

2) screenshot is attached

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Command-Shift-G also works to Go to any directory. So (for example), Command-Shift-G and type ~/.groovy to go to the hidden groovy directory. 

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Also Command Shift and Dot works to show hidden files in any dialog.


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