Unable to get stub builder for com.jetbrains.jsonSchema.JsonSchemaFileType


When trying to access the index for my plugin for Elixir, a user is getting the following exception:


unable to get stub builder for com.jetbrains.jsonSchema.JsonSchemaFileType@64d1b74, path = /Volumes/Dev/elixir/busiket/node_modules/phoenix/package.json, stubBindingRoot = JsonFileImpl, languages = [JSON], filesTypes = [JSON Schema], files = [JsonFileImpl], roots = []


The line in my plugin that triggers that is

Collection<NamedElement> indexedNameNamedElementCollection = StubIndex.getElements(

So, I have no control over the StubIndex seeing JSON nodes, but I also don't expect it to since it should be only seeing ElixirFiles and their nodes..  How do I avoid this exception?  Do I need to change how I construct the index?

Original issue is https://github.com/KronicDeth/intellij-elixir/issues/491

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Hello Luke, we indeed had a bug there, which was fixed in June 2016. Can we get to know whether it is this problem or a new one?

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Irina, the reporting user (https://github.com/kostonstyle) didn't leave the version of IDE that they are using and they haven't responded since opening the bug 24 days ago, so I'm not sure if it was the old problem or a new one.  I added a comment asking the user and used (what I think is) your github handle in the post https://github.com/KronicDeth/intellij-elixir/issues/491#issuecomment-263576511 so you can find and follow easily.


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