Searching vendor folder for composer-based project

With the latest update (2016.3) Intellij configured/initialized composer for my PHP project. Now All folders in my /vendor directory are listed as "library root" and are not searched when using "Find In Path..."

Furthermore I cannot add them as a scope to the project as they are not shown since they are "non-project files"?


I would like to be able to search the folder normally or at least add them to a scope. All the folders are included in my composer settings (in IntelliJ) now. Am I overlooking some functionality that would help me do these things?

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Hi there,

On Find in Path dialog

You either have to specify the actual path to work with (use Directory option of the Scope section and point to the "vendor" folder) or use Scope option (e.g. "All Places" or "Project and Libraries")

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Ah thanks. I had overlooked the Custom option in Scope. Projects and Libraries is exactly what I needed.


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