Does AppCode support drag/drop for Storyboards?

I see many references to being able to use drag/drop for Storyboards;  unfortunately, I can't find any docs anywhere.  How do I enable visual building of Storyboards, vs hard coding?


I found the doc: it says it doesn't support XCode 6... what about 7.1?  And I can't find any docs on installing plugins...where are they?



Hi Rolf.

AppCode UI Designer has not been available since AppCode 3.3 release. Sorry for the inconvenience. Because of our focus on supporting Swift language, we are currently unable to give UI Designer features the attention they deserve. We’ve decided to set the default UI tool to Xcode’s Interface Builder. From now on .xib and .storyboard files are automatically opened in Xcode.
Nevertheless, we have the issue in the tracker: Feel free to comment or upvote.


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