am I crazy? Did up/down used to navigate switcher items?

I could swear I have muscle memory for this but I cant figure out if something overrode these key commands or if they were never there in the first place.

basically I want to bring up the switcher ctrl+tab and be able to use up and down arrows to navigate up and down in the list rather than using ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab.

it works like this in resharper and I could swear it used to work like this in app code as well.


Hi Dave.

I didn't find this shortcut. Maybe you mean 'command+E' key combo? Does that help?


You are not crazy. The docs clearly say that it should work.

I've noticed this not working across RubyMine, WebStorm, IntelliJ, and PhpStorm at various points. It seems to be that it starts disappearing as I've updated each one to the latest version, but disappears consistently across products and even different machines. 

This has been driving me nuts. I've been going through keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences (I'm on OSX) and within my IDEs, but not finding anything that should be colliding. 


yea I confirmed this on my laptop which had an old version of app code

There is no specific shortcut that enabled this feature in the past, otherwise I could remap it to the proper key and get it working again.

I think it was something that while you are on the ctrl+tab switcher, up and down arrows should allow you to navigate through the items. it's especially useful if you want to cancel the switch and go back to the file that was previously open by hitting the up arrow before letting go of the ctrl key.


It looks like this is the issue to vote for to get this fixed.


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