3.3RC : how to auto 'import' .h files for forward-declared classes when editing .m

Most of my classes are structured with forward declarations in .h and imports in .m. I am getting this when editing :

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.24.01 AM.png

I have to go to the top, insert a #import statement, then come back here to get the list of members of the Contact class. On this specific LOC i had to go through this for UserModel , User, and Contact classes, and i'm still not done with the drill down.

I would expect to have a way to auto import the Contact.h file at that moment. Am i missing some configuration ? Does not seem like too wasteful since i clean imports when reformating the code.

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Hi Yves.

We have an issue in our tracker about it, you can upvote it or comment there.

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Thank you Anna. Done !  This is really frustrating :)

Strangely, this is not systematic, only in some particular cases.


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