How to kill previous run instance when running again


I'm (almost) new to AppCode. Currently trying the 3.3 RC build which is working perfectly.

My code is C++-based. Not an iOS app but a Mac app. No Objective-C at all. Just plain C++.

In Xcode, when I execute/debug my app, make some changes in code and re-execute again, the previous instance gets killed. AppCode doesn't behave the same way, at least with the default settings.

Is it possible to do it? Right now I'm ending up with N instances of the app I'm coding. I'm not interested in any of them except for the most recent one and I'm forced to kill the previous instances.

Thanks, and excuse my English.

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Hi Miquel.

In the upper-right corner of Edit Configurations dialog there is a “Single Instance Only” checkbox, try to use it. Does that help?

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Yes, it helped, thanks!


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