How broken is the c++ debugger?

I started to evaluate AppCode today, for C++ development, with the intention to switch from XCode if it was up to the task.

Everything looked fine, many awesome features...

But then I tried to use the debugger.
For some reason, it doesn't seem to like references?

See this screenshot:

It just says "value is not of a pointer type"...  I've tried with several references in my code, and none of them could be shown in the debugger.

Also the pointer seen in this screenshot is handled weirdly. As you can see in the code, it is just a single simple raw pointer, but in the debugger I have to expand it three times before I can see what it contains...
I could understand the double-expand, if the pointer is always seen as an array, for simplicity, but the tripple? that is just weird...

I thought I should ask a bit here what the general status of the C++ debugger is before I start filling out bug reports...

The reference thing is unfortunatly a showstopper, if there isn't a fix for that, AppCode is unusable to me :(

I'm compiling for iOS, and running on the device.

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Ok.. I just found OC-11374  ...    

If you've already have known about this issue for that many months without doing anything about it, I guess I can forget about AppCode right now...

Too bad, it looked like a promising IDE :(

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I agree that this makes using the debugger in AppCode painful. I've checked and CLion seems to be fine with references but I can't switch to it right now because of the lack of Google Test integration.

Are you planning to add this to AppCode?

Best regards,

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CLion uses the GDB debugger (and we are going to integrate LLDB in v 1.1 coming in the end of summer), while AppCode relies on Xcode's LLDB one. We are aware of a problem in AppCode and hopefully will fix it as soon as other tasks with higher priority is done. Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll do our best to fix this.

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Please note that this is more then just an inconvenience.

It makes the debugger totally unusable, and an IDE with an unusable debugger is unfortunately broken and unusable in turn.

You really should consider raising the priority of this issue, since you are scaring away customers leaving it broken.

It really looks that bad, I'm nice enough to tell you, but I think most professional C++ developers would just facepalm and go look for another IDE because of it.

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I decided to give up using AppCode due to this issue.

I can't believe how this hasn't been fixed for more than 1 year.

This is absolutely CRITICAL issue.

Do you think it's possible using IDE with broken debugger?

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Hi Jechol.

Sorry for the inconvenience! The fix is already implemented in AppCode 3.3 EAP. Now AppCode 3.3 RC is available. Did you try to use it?


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