Should AppCode 3.2 build 141.2000 work on OS X 10.11 with XCode 7?

I'm using OS X El Capitan and XCode 7 Beta 3.  XCode 6.4 does not actually run on El Cap.  

I've installed the AppCode build 141.2000 and am having a few problems.  First, on every startup I get an error about an unsupported JVM.  It's using the Hotspot JVM by Oracle version 1.7.  The latest PyCharm (141.1899) runs fine with no complaints using the same VM.

The bigger problem is that if I set AppCode to use XCode 6.4, which is installed on my machine but doesn't run, I get errors (it seems) related to using the new generic syntax for things like NSArray, such as:

- (nullable NSArray<NSManagedObject *>*)fetchFlaggedEntities: (nonnull NSManagedObjectContext *)context

However, if I switch AppCode to use XCode 7 Beta 3, I get a ton of errors for code that compiles just fine.  For example:

NSArray *stores = [self.persistentStoreCoordinator persistentStores];

the variable stores is flagged with "Can't resolve variable stores".

The following expression is flagged:

 [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];

Here the error is "Method "alloc" is defined in class "NSObject" and is not visible"

It seems like something is really wrong.

Is this version supposed to work with my configuration?

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Same here. Getting plenty of "Can't resolve variable ..." in IDE.


NSString *message = nil;

generated error "Can't resolve variable message"

The project compiles without issues. Is there any fix to it?

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Xcode 7 is in beta now, however we do our best to make AppCode 100% compatible and interoperable with Xcode when it’s launched.
Also please try to use the latest AppCode EAP.

We have the issue in the tracker:
And also the issue about Xcode 7 support:
Feel free to comment or upvote.

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Has this issue been resolved in the IDE?

I still have issues with defined variables not being able to be found like the other posters above.

I'm using 3.2 build 141.2456 and XCode 7.0 (7A220), which doesn't appear to be in beta anymore.

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@Victor - things are working much better now, but you'll need to grab the 3.3 EAP.  I'm still having some issues - i.e. it's not done, but I can build with XCode 7.0 and it handles much more Swift 2.0.

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Thanks Mark,

I'll give it a try. Currently I'm still using Objective C in this project and there are a lot of errors flagged in the IDE that are very distracting even though it compiles correctly.

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Thanks Again Mark,

The EAP works for me.



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