failed build don't scroll to first error message

When a build fails the thing to do is fix the first build error and rebuild.
But appcode don't show me the first error, it just shows me an endless list of

included from:
(17) filea.m
(94) fileb.h
(22) filec.h
included from:
(12) filed.m
(94) fileb.h
(22) filec.h

[ad libitum]

This information is useless, and even more useless if i don't know which is the error and where.
If i scroll carefully enough i find the error lines, but it is much quicker to switch to xcode and build there. But when i am there, i fix the error there... And appcode ends up in the background again.
This happens to me in a project with a mix of objective c and swift code.
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Hi Roberto.

There are already several tools in AppCode that should help:

  • first build error is automatically preselected in the Messages tool window so you don't need to scroll to it manually;
  • there is a button 'Hide Warnings' on the Messages tool bar - it hides unnecessary information;
  • pressing Shift+Cmd+Up/Down or clicking the Up/Down buttons on the tool bar automatically jump to the next error in both, errors view and in the code

Does that help?


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