[SOLVED] How to enable display of Resources in AppCode ?


I use AppCode for cross-platform games development in C++.
I have a question, why AppCode does not display the subfolders contents of "Resources" group?

In this group contains the resources files that is copied to the application bundle.
For example, there are image and plist files, localization and more.
In Xcode, these "Resources" group are displayed properly.
How to enable display of exactly the same content of "Resources" in AppCode?

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Could you please specify which AppCode version are you using?
Also could you please try to isolate the problem and send us a sample project?
It would be perfect!

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Thanks for your reply.

I created a new XCode 7 (beta 5) project and move all my files and settings from an old project. 
Then I opened a new project in AppCode (3.2 EAP) and everything fell into place.
It seems that it was a bug when opening the old project. Now everything is fine. 


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