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Forgive me, this is possibly a very ignorant question, and possibly one better suited for the issues tracker, but....what is the state of Swift support, and when will it be fully baked?

Perhaps this is cockpit error on my part, but as near as i can tell, AppCode doesn't really work with Swift for any of the things I care about, namely, debugger support.   All the fancy refactorings and so forth are fine, but the main reason I use JetBrains products (I have licences for IntelliJ, PyCharm, CLion, PHPStorm, WebStorm, RubyMine) is because the debugger works reasonably well (better than Eclipse, surely), and it's a consistent interface across these different domains.

But...I can't see variables or evaluate things with Swift in AppCode at all.   Obj-C works great, but.....what am I missing?    Is this just some setting that I need to light up, or did JetBrains seriously advertise Swift support with no support for debugging?   I could live without all the fancy refactoring features (which really, at the end of the day, just save you typing, which is....a solution for a problem I'm not having.  It's a nicety, but not essential), but not without the debugger.

thanks for any insight, and my apologies if this is incredibly ignorant.  

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Hi Don.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
We know about this problem and we are working on it right now:
Follow to get the updates.
We are planning to support Xcode 6.3 debugger in AppCode 3.2 update.
Thank you for your patience!
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Is there a public timeline for 3.2 release?   (I get that it may be not be clear, and the answer may be 'when it's ready').


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Hi Don.

3.2 EAP is already available.
This issue also will be included as soon as it will be fixed.
We can't provide you any exact estimations, but hope it will be soon.
I suggest you to subscribe to our blog or our twitter to get the latest news about AppCode updates.


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