code completion across frameworks

I was wondering if anyone else is seeing this in Swift in the AppCode 3.2 EAP (not sure if it occurred in previous versions):
It seems like there is no autocomplete for classes/functions from targets outside the one you are currently editing.

     Create a new Project
     Add a Cocoa Touch Framework
     In the new Framework, make a publicly visible class and give it a publicy visible static method
     Go back to a code file in the original project
     import the Framework
     attempt to call the static method

In xcode, you will receive code suggestions/completion for both the name of the class in the framework, and the static method. However, the autocompletion in AppCode seems to have no visiblity for the class in the framework.

Is there maybe some kind of option that I've missed/deactivated?

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Hi Michael.

Thanks for reporting, we know about the problem already:
Feel free to comment or upvote.

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Thanks Anna. I attempted to seach the bug tracker, but I must not have worded it very well. I hope this gets fixed soon.


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