How best to set up a remote project


I'm thrilled you're trying to do for Python what you did for Java.  I'm just starting out with PyCharm.  It looks great, but I'm unsure what is the best way to set up my project.

I have a Django site I'm building on a virtual host.  I mount the virtual host as an sshfs filesystem.  So it's basically a slow local filesystem, although surprisingly fine for straight file load/save operations, and even limited greps.  The project is small.  When/if it gets large I'll consider mirroring it on my Mac, but that requires some work to set up Apache, etc..

I have a few Django projects under a root directory, for example.






If I create a PyCharm project with /srv/django/project1 as the content root some imports, e.g. "import project1.blah", don't resolve.  If I create the project with /srv/django as the root such imports do resolve, but by default it considers all the subdirectories part of the project.  I only want to focus on project1 here.  Your Django supports seems to assume there's only one Django file, etc..

I found that I could exclude subdirectories from the content, but that seems like a headache.  If I have 100 Django projects each of 100 PyCharm projects will have to be maintained to exclude 99 subdirectories, plus whatever else is added in the future.

Does this make sense?  If so, what's the best way to set it up to resolve project-local imports, best remote file access performance, cleanest project structure, and easiest maintenance?



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