How to start another instance of PyCharm?


is there a way to start multiple PyCharm instances?

I tried to starting a new one, but it only maximizes my previoys PyCharm instance. Any special param option, or another way?


Hello Darius,

You can run multiple PyCharm instances if they use separate config/system

directories (this can be configured in inside the PyCharm

installation directory). Alternatively, you can open multiple frames in one

PyCharm instance.

is there a way to start multiple PyCharm instances?

I tried to starting a new one, but it only maximizes my previoys

PyCharm instance. Any special param option, or another way?


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7 years later, maybe I should start a new thread :D

When using multiple virtual desktops on Windows 10, this limitation becomes really annoying... Let's say PyCharm is opened on Desktop 1, if I try to launch it in Desktop 2, nothing happens!

At the minimum it should redirect me to Desktop 1.

And if I happen to shift-click it, I expect it to start a new instance (that's how other software usually behave anyway). Again, PyCharm doesn't respond to this at all.

When you have 3 or 4 virtual desktops over 3 monitors, it becomes quite annoying to 1) scout all of them to find 1 pycharm instance 2) open a new project from it in a new windows 3) move the window to the new desktop...


I have the same issue, but It is not a PyCharm issue, you can't have one process assigned multiple virtual desktops, you could try chrome or any other program it will not start in another virtual desktop from which it has been already started.

so if we could reformulate our issue, it will be:

how practically to start multiple PyCharm (multiple -> config/sys).

do we need to have PyCharm installed twice ? or any other idea ?


@Rostom: Chrome doesn't suffer from this limitation as you seem to imply. You can run as many instances of the software as you wish in any amount of virtual desktops (please try it out, it works wonder).

Software that doesn't support this scenario typically send the user to the appropriate desktop. You can try this behavior with the builtin snipping tool. Launch it in desktop 1, move to desktop 2 and launch it again; you'll be redirected to desktop 1.

If you do the above scenario with chrome, you will get a new chrome instance in desktop 2.

If you do the above scenario with PyCharm, nothing happens. You are not redirected to the right desktop, and you are not launching a new instance either.

You can, open a project in a separate PyCharm window, and move this window to another desktop. It might be technically impossible for one process to be assigned to multiple desktops, but it's possible for one process to spawn multiple windows that are assigned different desktops.

Therefore, launching PyCharm from a separate desktop should either 1) redirect you to the main process's desktop or 2) create a new window and assign it to the current desktop.




I have the same issue. Using dexpot virtual desktop.

It would be really nice if I could open multiple instances.





Ditto.  Extremely annoying limitation.  Quite surprising JetBrains has yet to address this.  This needs to be fixed ASAP.


I just open projects in a new window, isn't that what you guys are looking for?  The new window can be moved to other desktops.



Ha, you're right, works like a charm:)


@8forty that's not the problem at all. Feel free to read my replies above if you want to know what the problem is!


@Jpiche: if you open a project to a new window, you can than move the window to any virtual desktop. I tested this unisg Dexpot under windows 8.1 with pycharmm 2017.3.3.  Just don't run a new instance but instead open a new project. It is a bit annoying, but a perfectly good workaround.


@Ajasja: You're completely missing the point here, please read carefully. I know how to open multiple windows and move them between monitors and virtual desktops.


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