AppCode + swift = no code completion, no quick documentation

I got problem with AppCode 3.1.1
I have the newest XCode installed 6.1.1 along with it I downloaded documentation for ios 8.1 -> attachement "xcode_downloaded.png"
I created project in XCode and then opened it with AppCode. I've checked there path to XCode and it seems to be correct. -> attachement "appcode.png"
In addition the same project works well with code completion and quick documentation in XCode.
I've serched for solution in net but I haven't found anything.
Is it true that AppCode has nearly the same features as Xcode? -> Now I have doubts.
But maybe I am wrong, maybe there is still some configuration missing. Please give me some advices.
Personally I like Jetbrains products, I am java developer who use Intellij so it is quicker for me to write code in Jetbrains tool than Apple.
Any advice will be appreciated.

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Your configuration seems correct.

Please see comments below:

1) regarding code completion in Swift - we have part of work done in that area, and part of tasks still in progress. Can you share a code snippet where you experience issues with completion?
2) regarding quick documentation - this feature is not yet ready for Swift. You can track its progress here.
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I have the same issue with Code Completion.
For ex. I have a class that inherits from UIView. I want to override "sizeThatFits" function.
I'm startign with "override func sizeT" and don't see any completion tips :(

Please help.

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Hi Christopher.

We have started work on the feature you're likely referring to (
Feel free to upvote it in tracker.


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