IDE first encounter


I'm starting with Python and I prefer IDE's instead of working on commandlines so I was happy to see this new product.

My first observations (I'm still a complete python noob, so apologies if I just did something stupid)

I own a macbook pro (4gb, intel)

- First when starting the IDE, it takes a long time before anything happens.

- I started a new project (this also feels slow)

- I add a new file:   which also takes a long time to show, and when I typed on it nothing happens. After 5 seconds, my typing is shown.

- I type something silly:

   a = "test";

   for x in a:

       print "letter:" + x

and then select run from the menu.

I get an 'IDE internal error, contact jet brains'.

This doesn't give me much hope yet. Am I doing fundamentally flawed things or should I wait for a few months until the IDE can be worked with?

Also, why is the IDE slow? Is it because it still is a debug build with loads of logging? Will this be fixed eventually?



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