Twilight theme port

** Update I used the digital color meter in OSX thinking that it just read out the hex value when it did not and was altered based on my color profile of my monitor.  I've updated this scheme to use the actual hex values from the Textmate theme. **

I've spent most of the day trying to put together a decent Pycharm port of the Textmate theme Twilight.  It's about as close as I could get it with the two systems being different.  A few things I noticed about Pycharm while porting this theme.

  • Django templates variables have no syntax highlighting of their own  including the {{ }} (Should I submit a ticket for this?)
  • Javascript builtin functions do not have any color option, I'd at least think they'd be recognized as global functions.
  • CSS doesn't distingish between classes and ID's
  • I couldn't find a way to change the default bg color for the matching parens, brackets, braces.
  • There are no settings for regex capture groups.
  • Some explanation as to what Editor > Colors & Fonts > Custom is would be awesome.

This theme might need a bit of tweaking for some of the languages I don't use that much like YAML or SASS, but I did attempt to theme every language that comes with Pycharm.

In addition to if this scheme could be bundled with Pycharm by default that would be awesome.

Thanks again for making a great product!


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