Compile static library project

I have some problem, maybe I do something wrong.
I have Xcode 6.2 and Appcode 3.1.5

When I created static library project and try to run unit tests target  from appcode.
I have empty executable and I can not attach anything to it. So, during running unit testing target I have error.
If you Build unit test target without device/simulator. It looks like unit tesing are not starting
In Xcode all compiles properly.

What I am doing wrong?

Thank you, for help

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Hi Anton!

You need to create special configuration for unit tests in AppCode.
Please try to use Run | Edit Configuration | '+' (add) XCTest/Kiwi.
You will be able to choose required target in that tab.

Also maybe you will find out some useful information about unit tests in our blog:

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Thank you for help. :)
All is working for me.


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