What Is "Django Support" In PyCharm Buying Me?

I don't see what Django support in PyCharm is giving me.  I created a new Django project, but the django-admin.py tasks don't appear to be integrated in.  Is the idea to run them inside the console? 

It reminds me of the first Grails support in IntelliJ.  The Grails tasks weren't integrated in at first.  (They're excellent now.)

I apologize in advance for such an ignorant question.  I'm new to Python, Django, and PyCharm.  Thanks.

PS - I've also noticed that all of the help pages don't appear to be hooked in properly.  I'm not able to see much documentation about Django.


Hello Michael, thanks for your feedback.

To run django-admin.py tasks you can use command "Run manage.py tasks..." from Tools menu.

Read about Django Support in section "Framework-Specific Guidelines\Django" of PyCharm help topics.

If you miss any guide or description there feel free to ask here or post issues to our tracker http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/PY.


Thanks Dmitry, I'll give them a look.


I missed it on my first pass through the Tools menu.  Thanks for pointing it out, Dmitry.


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