Multiple cursors with keyboard

I'm using AppCode and I found the multiple cursos function very handy.

I know that i can "generate" multiple cursos using the shortcur option-shift and drag with the mouse, but I'm looking for a way to achieve the same result but without using the mouse.
In sublime text you can use keyboard's arrow to move up and down and you have yours multiple cursor.
Is this possible in appcode?



Hi Ignazio.

If you want to create 'long' multiple cursor you can set shortcuts for 'Clone Caret Below' and 'Clone Caret Above' with keyboard.
But if you want to create multiple cursors which appear in multiple places, I can’t understand how you will find places for your cursors.
I suggest not to do it in the second case because resulting interface would be complicated and counter-productive.

"clone cartet below / above" was exactly wath I was looking for. I added two shortcut "shift+alt+UP" and "shift+alt+UP" and now I can have my vertical multiple selection.



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