AppCode doesn't support dvorak keyboard?

I've recently made the switch to dvorak for the sake of my ailing wrists.

Mac natively supports the keyboard with the addition of the Dvorak keyboard at the OS level.  So the keyboard is supported in every single application, except for AppCode, which has a tendency of mixing & matching keys from QWERTY and Dvorak keyboards.

For example, post switch, symbol on the left is what I should see in a dvorak layout, character on the right is what I'm seeing instead (from qwerty layout):

. (full stop) -> E
, (comma) -> W
[ (left square bracket) -> - (minus)
] (right square bracket) -> + (plus)

e.g. when I press . (full stop), I get "E" instead

In other words, it now becomes impossible to type because some characters in the old QWERTY, others (like the characters on the home row) are in Dvorak layout - there are also missing characters because of this mix & match...

I'm running latest version of AppCode. IdeaVim is installed.

Dvorak layout could be found here:


Hi Johnathan.

We're aware about issues with Dvorak keyboard:

Unfortunately, it isn't possible for us to fix this issue now, because it's a really complicated problem and also there are some issues related to this case, so we need to have common solution.
Could you please try to use one of workaround which were recommended in comments here:


Found a workround!
1) use QWERTY as input source / keyboard
2) download karabina
3) In 'Change key', filter for 'dvorak'
4) Tick 'For dvorak users' -> 'US input' -> 'Use dvorak keyboard (QWERTY to dvorak)'

Could someone at Jetbrains update the bug thread please (I lack permission):

Thanks Anna, you've always been prompt with replies!


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