Code completion for PyGtk and PyQt4

I've just installed PyCharm (PY-96.742 on Ubuntu Linux 10.04) and just started using it for the first time. I can't manage the code completion to work for PyGtk and PyQt4. I can see gtk and PyQt4 in my external libraries and if I do import and then control space I can see pygtk, gtk and PyQt4. However when typing for example gtk.Window or QtGui.QApplication I get "no suggestions". It's an IDE issue or I am doing something wrong?

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My guess is you're having the same problem I had with wxPython.

The issue with wxPython was that it is in two parts, some of it is Python and some is binary and the IDE doesn't know how to handle that.

Dmitry submitted it as an issue so I believe it will be something that will be looked into. Perhaps it's worth you adding to that it affects PyGtk PyQt4 too?


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