3.1: Can't execute "Rerun" using keys from editor

Prior to upgrading to 3.1, I could re-run my app in the debugger using a re-mapped keystroke (opt-shift-U) directly from an editor window.  Now, it doesn't work -- I have to focus on the debugger window before typing the keystroke.  

I notice that in the Keymap, "Rerun" is in the "Other" category -- not in the "Editor" category.  Could that be the cause?  Did this change from 3.0?

Any ideas on a fix/workaround?  I could use a different keystroke if necessary.


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Hi Anna,

As far as i see in 3.0 'Rerun' action was also in Other category. Anyway, I've assigned 'alt-shift-U' shortcut for this action, imported settings from 3.0 to 3.1 (on a first launch of 3.1) and placed focus to debugger console (cursor is blinking), pressing shortcut successfully invoked 'Rerun' action.
However I woud not recommend to use alt-U (or variations) since Mac OS use it like umlaut symbol and there's some issue with Java regarding this. Please tell us what will a result.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 23.51.21.png
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Right -- it works as expected if you focus on the debugger window.

The point is that I want to execute rerun while focused on the *editor* window, not the debugger.  I was able to do this prior to upgrading.

Any other thoughts?

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Thanks for the details, now I see the problem, it refers to this ticket, feel free to vote to prioritize it.


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