unresolved references to built-ins

pycharm is marking things like "enumerate", "sorted", and "zip" as unresolved.

pycharm 1.0b2 (96.1063) on ubuntu 10.04.


Relatedly, there are files in my project that define things like "object" and "dict", mostly artifacts of old Python version compatibility code.  But now whenever I define a class that inherits from object, I get that little blue question mark asking me if "object" means I should be importing package.compatcruft.object.  No, blue question mark, you know what object is.  Go away!


Oh, setting a "python interpreter" for the project solves this.  I'd consider it a bug though that it lets you use these features *without* an interpreter set.


Hello Kevin,

Go to declaration functionality can be useful in case when you have downloaded an application, and want to explore it, even without configuring python interpreter.

However in most cases it's supposed that you have python interpreter configured. Maybe we should provide some king of warnings for such cases.

Best regards,



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