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In our development workflow, we keep just one head open in the VCS (Mercurial), and we use a clone of the repository for each feature branch, e.g.

hg clone development 5439-draggable-fix

This means I'll be working in the 5439-draggable-fix directory for a while, and then 5440-update-widget, at some point I'll merge one of them and remove the directory.  But these are all the same "project" in terms of what tools I want configured, what coding standards they're using, etc.

How can I best support this workflow with pycharm?  Symlinking the branch/.idea directory to a common location seems like it's probably working, but I don't understand enough about how pycharm manages projects to be confident about that yet.

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I wouldn't recommend symlinking the .idea directory. The IntelliJ Platform virtual file system doesn't have explicit support for symlinks, so it's likely that you'll see some weirdness if you symlink files under the PyCharm project.

What you can do instead is simply to store the contents of the .idea directory, except for workspace.xml and tasks.xml, in Mercurial together with the project code. The project files are designed to be shared between developers.


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