Virtual env support on OSX with Ubuntu Server virtual machine

OSX Snow Leopard

Ubuntu Server 10.04

Virtual Box 3.2.8

Django 1.2.3

Trying to get a Django project working with PyCharm.

I'm running OSX 10.6 and my development environment is Ubuntu Server running in a Virtual Box VM with virtualenv installed and I'm using samba to share my user's home directory on the Ubuntu server.

I've tried to add a Python interpreter from within /home/ryno/.virtualenvs but even when I enable OSX to display all hidden files, I still can't navigate to this directory?

Has anyone tried to do something similar? This would be a deal breaker for me if I can't get this going as I've had no end of trouble compiling things like MySQLdb and PIL on OSX and won't go back to using OSX as my development environment.



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You could always install pycharm on the Ubuntu VM, and use either virtualbox's extensions or SSH to display it on your OS X desktop.  If your development environment is all on Ubuntu, there might be other advantages to doing this when it comes to running your application and tests though the IDE.  And you wouldn't be trying to do all IDE and version control operations over samba, which might be a plus.  (I've found that *usually* works, but can occasionally introduce corruption or other surprises.)

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Hey Kevin,

I can't install PyCharm as it's Ubuntu Server, not Ubuntu Desktop.

Any other ideas?

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Ubuntu server vs desktop is mostly about what's on the initial installation media; the same packages are available in both.  While you might have other reasons for not wanting to put all that in your VM image, you *can* do so if you wish.

You might be able to avoid installing a full X server in Ubuntu by running an X11 server on OS X and using X-over-SSH, but I expect that won't perform as well as X in ubuntu with the virtualbox extensions.

I don't use OS X, so I can't really help you with that side.


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