The best way for mass refactoring of properties (taking away synthezise)

I guess there is a way to do this, but I havn't found it yet.
I have a project, where all properies are synthesized


@property (strong, nonatomic) IBOutlet UIView *containerView;
@synthesize containerView;
Then containerView (the backing ivar) is used in the code.
I want to change it to be this way:
- no synthesize (it's redundant, as the code doesn't use custom getters and setters)
- then the generated ivars of the properties are named like _containerView
But I would prefer to call the containerView with self.containerView

Is there a clever AppCode way of doing this without too much manual work?

Thanks in advance

Permanently deleted user

Yes, you can do this. Alt-enter on _containerView usage and select "Convert to property". If you don't want to convert them one-by-one, you can convert several ivars at once - "Refactor | Convert to property". But in this case ivars have to be declared explicitly (if you convert them one-by-one, there's no such restriction).
Does it work for you?


Thanks Alexander,

the problem was, that there havn't been ivars to convert, but properties that had @synthesize and then where used without self...

I fixed it way: I erased the @synthesize, then did "replace In Path" with every property that now didn't find it's manually synthesized ivar any more, replacing myVar with self.myVar.

Still pretty fast and great :-)

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Did you try what I suggested - alt+enter and "Convert to property"?


Ahhh, now I got you! It works! My mistake was to delete the @synthesize before I type Alt-Return..

Many thanks - thats what I hoped for. And I still got 30 classes to work on :-)


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