serious performance issues.. seriously don't know what to do.

core i7, 16gb ram, 512mb ssd, mostly empty (new machine).

performs terribly. I have to restart every 3-5 minutes. cpu stuck at 255 %

Are there any clear instructions of what I need to send you? I get links to jetbrains blogs etc, but I'm a busy guy, and wiht appcode acting like crap I'm even busier restarting constantly..

I have to get this resolved, or take it on the chin and go back to xcode...

I know other's moan about performance issues; but I have a machine that should certainly not have issues.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 14.36.09.png
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and btw.. I'm suspecting it might have something to do with console output. I have a lot of it.
I cleared the appcode console, and CPU is down to 6%...

maybe you guys want to do a test for a program that dumps out a few hundred pages of log output and see what happens. I suspect the machine will grind to a halt.

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Hi George,

To report performance we usually ask users to submit issue to our bug tracker and provide as much details as possible.

- CPU snapshot
- Project if it's possible. Otherwize please describe which frameworks/libraries are used, approximately estimate the size of the project
- Steps to reproduce the issue
- Describe the environment (Xcode version, OSX/iOS versions)

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Please check if you have enabled Preferences | Editor | Use soft wraps in console, then try to turn it off.

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that was it...

perhaps you guys should add a warning on that..I bet lots of other's experience this too..

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Good idea. I created a task, you can follow it.


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