97.8 license issue, broken link

Hi guys:

My license expired for pycharm 96, i just switched to 97.8.  I selected "Evaluate for free for 30-days" and received a message that my license is not valid.  The link provided on the popup,

jetbrains.com/pycharm/upgrade.html, is broken.  Would you please look into this ASAP?  I am now a PyCharm addict, and really need to use this to finish up an active project.




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Same problem here.

The pycharm/upgrade gives me a 404, and Pycharm refuses to start on a 30 day demo license.

Some of the developers on my team are already installing Eclipse and grumbling about proprietary IDEs. Others have gone back to vim.

We would all buy permanent licenses if they were for sale.

Jetbrains needs to fix this, fast, or their customers will defect at exactly the wrong moment.

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Dmitri wrote in response to some bugs we filed on this.

He suggested deleting ~/.PyCharm10/config/ and trying again.

No dice for me.

I tried purging all of ~/.PyCharm10 and the registry, uninstalling, and reinstalling. Same failure mode.

At least two developers on my team were hit by licensing failures this week, about the time they upgraded to the RC.

There must be a way to purge all licensing state and start over with a 30 day demo license -- without seeing this broken link to the upgrade page.

Where can I obtain this mythical demo license? I would just buy permanent licenses if they were for sale.

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I was getting this as well, then I noticed I had a previous version still installed. I uninstalled all versions of PyCharm, then cleared out all of the left over PyCharm folders from C:\Program Files\Jetbrains. After that, I reinstalled 97.8 and it ran fine.

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Hello dmdavis,

I'm getting this as well.

Which OS are you on? Do you have an antivirus running?


Dmitry Jemerov

Development Lead

JetBrains, Inc.


"Develop with Pleasure!"

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I was on Windows 7 x64, and I did have anti-virus running, but the problem was resolved by uninstalling all versions of PyCharm (I'd had an old version still installed), cleaning out the left-over installation folders in Program Files\Jetbrains, then reinstalling 97.8. I think was was actually happening was that when I started pycharm, it was the older version that was getting installed, not 97.8.


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