Automating Python client unit testing against Scala/Java server

I'm working on a python client that needs to talk to a backend server running in Scala/Java.

I'd like to somehow automate the unit testing of my python client so that the server gets started before running the python unit tests.

What's the best strategy to deal with this? Initially I had a Scala facet + Python facet on an IntelliJ project and I was manually starting the server via a small testng class.

I'm now trying PyCharm but no way to run Scala/Java from there.

So, what would be the best way to automate the server being started at the beginning of my unit tests? Maybe run a script from the python unit test?

Any other ideas?

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Can someone reply to this? It's extremely annoying to find yourself with the need to have a Python project that needs a Scala/Java server to run and not being able to use Intellij IDEA cos running Python unit test s don't work, whereas they do in PyCharm. Clearly, the fix is in PyCharm but not in the python plugin for IntelliJ. Can someone port it over?

Otherwise, can someone explain how PyCharm can help here? How can you run Java/Scala code from PyCharm?


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