How to run/debug a script in an external console?

How to run/debug a script in an external console - built-in console in PyCharm does not support many of the properties of the console cmd (windows)



The console which is built into PyCharm is a dedicated ReadEvaluatePrintLoop console and lacks many features of common shell.

However we have some plans on integrating full functional console in further versions of PyCharm.




I do  not mean to expand the capabilities built-in console, but with the  ability to debug script running on the native Windows console (cmd.exe) -  I mean low-level I / O control, management of behavior through the  windows api, etc. ..

Our products mainly are based on this, so operate directly on the console windows (cmd.exe) is necessary for us.

We  test PyCharm and at the moment I came up with a workaround to run the  batch file <python.bat> instead of <python.exe> (as indicated in the  settings: Settings | Python Interpreter | Interpreters Python) which,  when run through the IDE debugger creates a new console windows in it just run the python interpreter, providing him with all the parameters:

start /wait c:\python\python.exe %*

but  this solution is not perfect, there are problems with this to  stop running
script (Stop - Ctrl-F2) - IDE signals this (Process finished with exit code 1) but the script is still running in the external console...

And, specify the batch file as an interpreter in the settings it does not work automatically - all you need to manually identify


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