Newbie confusion about keyboard shortcuts.

I've been using AppCode for all of one hour.

I'm trying to find the keyboard shortcut for "Find".  This keymap says it's Command-F.  This one says it's Control-F.  The menubar item says it's Control-Alt-S.   But none of them work.  The only one that does anything at all is Control-Alt-S, but what it does is open the Preferences window.

This newbie is very confused.  What's going on?  How can I find the correct keystrokes?

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I've discovered the Keymap entry in Preferences.   In addition to the above, it also lists Option-F3, which also doesn't work.

However, I have chosen the Emacs keybinding, and Control-S is listed in the keymap.   And Control-S *does* work.  For me this is good because my fingers are hard-wired for Emacs.  I had expected the Emacs keybindings to cover only cursor movement.  My bad.

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On the top of the document you see 'Default' mark.
There are several keymaps. You can create your personal.
There are IDEA plugin that saves PERSONAL keymap as PDF document.
The link from your post is an example of plagin's work.


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